WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Clerk hit in mini-mart robbery

According to a bulletin broadcast by Seattle Police (though it’s a King County Sheriff’s Office case), the mini-mart at 15th/Roxbury was hit by a strong-arm robbery a short time ago, and the clerk needed medical attention after being punched in the face by one of the robbers. We don’t know whether this was a shoplift-turned-robbery (which would be defined as such by the use of violence) or a holdup. Five suspects described only as being in their teens and 20s got away in a “blue sedan”; a car of similar description took off after a hit-run crash shortly thereafter at 17th/Roxbury.

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3 Responses to “WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Clerk hit in mini-mart robbery”

  1. Was that what caused the gunshots I’m the morning? Or was that just another crazy abusing our gun laws?

  2. I don’t know about the unincorporated side but not far into the city, there was gunfire confirmed at 17th/Henderson early today – we covered it on West Seattle Blog.

  3. There are only 3 people that work that mini mart generally, how terrible that one of them experienced this last night.
    SDOT and COS have been trying to make that intersection unsafe since COVID began to force the Owner to sell out, it’s a disgrace.