Drive an EV? Show it off at Greenbridge event!

Electric-vehicle owners are invited to participate in an EV fair at Greenbridge on April 23rd. If you don’t have one (yet), you’re invited to come see and learn about EVs. Here’s the announcement:

Seattle Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers and enthusiasts will come together to share their cars and lived experiences with the public. Come meet unbiased EV drivers, check out the different EV models, and take a test drive. The event will take place at the Greenbridge Community Center/Library, SW Boys & Girls Club parking lot. The event will highlight the clean air benefits and cost-savings of electric cars on Saturday, April 23, 2022 to celebrate Drive Electric Earth Day. Seattle’s event is one of dozens of events across the country where communities will gather to celebrate Earth Day and the role that reducing transportation emissions plays in combating climate change, along with the personal and consumer benefits of EVs!

This is set for 10 am-2 pm April 23rd at 9720 8th SW. If you are interested in bringing your EV to participate, you can go here to register.

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One Response to “Drive an EV? Show it off at Greenbridge event!”

  1. I’d love to see some tricked out EVs or art car EVs there. If they don’t exist yet, it’s only a matter of time.