UPDATE: Another big fire in downtown White Center – second one this year at Locker Room

Another big fire callout in downtown White Center – and Seattle Fire units are being sent to help. 16th SW is being blocked south of Roxbury. We’re on our way to find out more.

(WCN/WSB photos/video)

5:58 AM: As our first photo shows, the logged address is correct – the old Locker Room Tavern at 9633 16th SW, damaged by fire back in April.

6:10 AM: No word yet if anyone was injured, or if the adjacent businesses are damaged.

This is the third major commercial-building fire in White Center in a little over two months, after the July 5th fire that gutted seven businesses a bit further north on 16th SW and the fire at the old Atlas Electric building on September 1st.

6:18 AM: The fire’s not out yet – still visible flames and smoke inside the building.

6:34 AM: Public-information officers on scene say this is a 3-alarm fire – they’ve called in the extra help because of the proximity of other businesses. (video added, briefing by PIO Pat Pawlak:)

They’re working to try to keep it from spreading to the adjacent businesses (Bizzarro Italian Café to the south, Huong Xua Deli to the north). No injuries reported.

8:07 AM: After a break to return to HQ to upload video, our crew is back at the fire scene. Some of the responding units have been dismissed. We talked to a Bizzarro Italian Café rep, who says they’re closed Mondays anyway so they’ll be evaluating any effects. Same goes for Full Tilt Ice Cream two doors down – owner Justin Cline tells us there’s some water damage but they’re also usually closed Mondays, so they have time to deal with it. 16th, meantime, is likely to stay closed another two hours or so.

9:04 AM: Lot of cleanup to be done inside Huong Xua (above). Meantime, more than three hours after the fire started, firefighters are still on scene:

12:08 PM: 16th SW has reopened.

12:35 PM: We just checked back with Fire District spokesperson Shauna Sheppard: No cause determined yet.

1:31 PM: Another update from Sheppard: Early indications are that the fire was NOT deliberately set, but the investigation continues.

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9 Responses to “UPDATE: Another big fire in downtown White Center – second one this year at Locker Room”

  1. Was wondering why I was hearing nonstop sirens.

  2. Joseph hoidysz Says:

    What a shame,that was a best dive bar in W.C.! Can’t say that I’ll miss it though!

  3. It’s been closed since the April fire.

  4. David Sprague Says:

    Please remember to give to the local firefighter’s fund. This district seems to have some of the oldest fire houses in the community. I remember the one on 128th street from way back when I was a teenager. It has got to be pushing 60 plus years. How many more years will these firefighters have to deal with old plumbing not to mention potential health issues related to a unhealthy environment? Please join me in rallying behind a petition for a bond to give them a new home. Long overdue!!!

  5. Not again. Heard on KUOW a few minutes ago that the fire was an “arson”. Assume WCN will follow up for us. At least if it was an arson likely no one was in the building. We’ve been surprised that the Locker Room hadn’t been rebuilt and reopened since the April fire as it was always full of people inside and outside. Sigh, another reason for our community to come together again.

  6. We just talked to the FD spokesperson again. No, she says, the cause has NOT been determined.

  7. Someone on the street said the Locker Room was about to reopen. If that’s true so sad for the owners.
    What is happening to our poor WC strip? I hope this isn’t arson again. Stay safe business owners – get fire insurance!

  8. WSB, is there an active arson investigation underway? I recall the Lumberyard was deemed arson or at least suspicious for arson. I am not sure about the electric co fire.
    Thank you for your reporting!

  9. “It is uncommon to have so many fires on the same block in the last 4-6 months” as the fire department spokesman states in the video above. Arson, arson, arson again.

    We need more video monitoring of the entire White Center downtown area, especially the alleys, night and day, like the Sheriff has, monitoring in front of Bartell’s right now, after several murders there. Catch these sick people.