UPDATE: Another power outage in White Center, West Seattle

7:24 AM: Thanks for the texts. More than 3,700 homes and businesses have lost power, from White Center to Westwood. No indication yet of the cause. Updates to come.

8:01 AM: Most have been restored after about an hour. Map shows one pocket remains, almost 400 customers in the Greenbridge area. (Added) SCL attributes the outage to “an underground issue.”

8:15 AM: The outage footprint, and cause, is similar to this December outage.

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2 Responses to “UPDATE: Another power outage in White Center, West Seattle”

  1. Frank Leyritz Says:

    I have lived in Burien area since 1971. In 2020 we have had more and longer power outages than in the last 20 years.

    There has to be a problem with Seattle City Lights system.


  2. Our power went back on after one hour this time. A few weeks ago it went back on after an hour and a half. For me, that’s the true test of how robust a power grid is. There are always going to be things like vehicles hitting poles, and equipment failures. But if they can get the power back on quickly that shows the system is working.