RESTAURANTS: Why Biscuit Bitch won’t be reopening in White Center

You might have heard by now that Biscuit Bitch has decided it won’t be reopening some of its locations – including the one that opened just last year in downtown White Center. Proprietor Kimmie Spice says it was a tough call but she had no choice but to downsize. Here’s her long letter explaining it all.

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4 Responses to “RESTAURANTS: Why Biscuit Bitch won’t be reopening in White Center”

  1. Well with the name (still sounds like a dog treat shop) and calling customers bitch some people don’t care for that or don’t get the joke . I am not to surprised to see this place close . Looking at the reviews it looks like attitude of staff started going down hill same with quality of food . Then covid hit and now they are closing .

    Then there are people who have children and don’t kids learning to talk like that . That could cause some problems when in school . Even though some kids already talk like that .

  2. Ok Jimmy…. it doesn’t sound like you ever ate there. And it was delicious, so a loss for the neighborhood in my opinion.

  3. Amy sorry But from the reviews of people who have ate there said the food went down hill and staff went the same way . So many people have a difference of opinion’s . Maybe it was great food and service for you personally . But unfortunately it was not the same for some people . Maybe a staff member was having a bad day . May be the cook was not on top things for a couple of customers .

  4. i can understand jimmys opinion, though I don’t share it. When I ate there I was super disappointed with the food. My assumption was that the name and service probably drew more people than the food but what do I know. I’m now sad for the owner and employees since it sounds like a pretty bitchin place to work.