CRIME: Mailbox break-in

The photo is from Barbara, who reports: “This happened sometime last night on 20th Ave in White Center – a good reminder for folks to pick up their mail every day.”

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6 Responses to “CRIME: Mailbox break-in”

  1. Tabitha Estrada Says:

    Dont forget to report it to the post office, its been happening a lot lately

  2. What I like is we have dogs so they bark when anyone walks by . So we can keep a eye on are mail box rather easy . We had mail theft issues off and on over the past 10 years . It seems the people doing it find a neighborhood they can get away it in . They stick to that area like in mid winter when it’s dark at about 4:00 pm . So keep a eye out best to watch anyone that walks past your mail box . We had people acting as their waiting for a school bus(when school is in session) but as the school bus goes by the criminal hit’s your mail box (take pictures of person and call police). Then just walks off we have people where their car broke down in the early morning 4:30am right in front are mail box after it’s been open by someone . This is when we call the police and have them run plates and id . A few weeks later arrest’s where made . A house full of stolen mail was found . Not sure if was the same people but we have not as much of issue for the past couple of years .

    If you want set up some cameras that can be a little pricey and you have get one with a good clear zoom . To able to get licensee plates # . Get your mail as soon it comes sign up for inform delivery then you will have a idea of what’s coming if something missing you can report it .

  3. Ron Johnson Says:

    Several of the neighbors notified both the Post Office and the Sheriff’s Dept. I spoke with the mail delivery person yesterday and he knew about it already. He was going to inspect the damage and report to his supervisor to get a repair order submitted.

  4. Question Mark Says:

    Jimmy, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been victimized by mail theft and glad your dog is a hopeful deterrent.

    Communal boxes like this one, sadly are usually far away from the range of dogs that belong to the homes it serves.

  5. New to blog. About 2 weeks ago I went to get our mail from our post office box at Westwood Station PO. There were more than a dozen boxes that were broken in to overnight so also check your PO box often.

  6. @questionmark yes that can be a small issue with these large community mail boxes. There are also issues like the limited style of keys use that mail thieves tend to collect. Same issue with individual locked mail boxes . Then some large community mail boxes are in bad spots . Like where there are too many bushes or trees blocking home owners view. Then there are some people get a little lackadaisical don’t pay enough attention until something big happens.