FOLLOWUP: Top Hat quarantine/isolation site still in holding pattern

(King County photo)

Seven weeks after it was announced, King County’s Top Hat quarantine/isolation site hasn’t opened, and doesn’t appear close to opening – not because it’s not ready, but because the county still has plenty of room in the facilities it’s already opened. As we do most weeks, we listened in on the weekly communtty phone meeting Wednesday, led by Calli Knight from King County Executive Dow Constantine’s office. She noted that the four facilities the county has opened – Shoreline, Kent, Issaquah, North Seattle – are currently hosting 74 people. A community member told Knight that neighbors would like to be provided with PPE before this site opens because of fears about possible airborne transmission; Knight and a Public Health rep on the call said that didn’t seem as if it would be necessary. A community member told Knight that legal action to stop the site from opening was still a possibility. The call ended otherwise uneventfully with a reiteration that there’s “no clear opening date” for the facility.

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One Response to “FOLLOWUP: Top Hat quarantine/isolation site still in holding pattern”

  1. The county should tell the people that are afraid of air born transmission . They will provide one aluminum foil hat per person in home or per parcel lot.