PHOTOS: Top Hat quarantine/isolation site, as work nears finish

For the first time since the day it was announced five weeks ago, we have a close-up look at the quarantine/isolation site the county is setting up in Top Hat as part of its COVID-19 response.

These are county-provided photos taken at the site this past Saturday (April 4th).

Only one four-room modular unit was in place when the site was announcdd. The old Wilderness Technology Alliance building on the site was demolished to make room for more.

Angie Malpass from King County explains, “They are finishing setting up the rooms with supplies, and while it will be ready to open this week, the county is holding off on opening until there is demand, so the opening is TBD for now, based on numbers”

As of today, the county is housing 48 people at the three other sites it has opened so far.

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3 Responses to “PHOTOS: Top Hat quarantine/isolation site, as work nears finish”

  1. I live within 4 blocks of that and I’m not happy to see it there, nobody ever asked me or anybody in the neighborhood if we wanted that.

  2. Hey Jerry non of us asked for the virus ether . But it’s here now we have to do are part to help take care of it and get rid of it . If that involves having some people stay in these units to get better than so be it . If your neighbors get the flu do ask them move away . No you just take precautions no hand shakes or hugs (not that would normally hug your neighbor) wash hands with soap and water after touching fence handles,mail box,door knobs .

  3. The county is providing a safe place for people to isolate. This isn’t a treatment facility. Isolation means they stay inside. The neighborhood is in no danger, especially if you, yourself, are following the quarantine order. This is a pandemic, and we all must do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy. People need a place to go if they do not have an appropriate place to isolate after exposure – think first responders that have families, grocery workers that live with other high-risk individuals, etc. This is a great resource for our fellow citizens to help prevent the spread of this virus.