QUARANTINE SITE UPDATE: Might open Friday, might not

Will the county’s quarantine/isolation site in Top Hat open Friaay as projected? County reps on Wednesday’s regular weekly community-update call couldn’t say for sure, but promised an email update by week’s end, one way or another. That’s the only real information that emerged from the call. The county has three other sites already in operation – in North Seattle, Issaquah, and Kent – with a total of 23 people now staying in them. The county says this one will have nursing staff on site when it opens.

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2 Responses to “QUARANTINE SITE UPDATE: Might open Friday, might not”

  1. Question Mark Says:

    The lack of transparency before the fact from government at all levels continues. Thanks, White Center Now, for taking the time to follow up and cut through governmemt delay and indecision.

  2. As was stated by someone last week, this street, SW 112nd St, is really dark at night.
    Adding artirial street lights on the three shown light poles is really needed.
    Also, there should be flood lights installed on the two westerly light poles which should be aimed into this “trailer park” for added security.
    The King County project coordinator should arraing with Seattle City Light to make this happen, ASAP.