PROTEST: Black Excellence in Cannabis demonstrates in White Center

On our way to a late lunch in White Center this afternoon, we spotted these demonstrators on the sidewalk west of Uncle Ike’s, so we stopped for a photo and a few questions. They are members of Black Excellence in Cannabis, a group “protesting the exclusion of African-Americans from the economic opportunities created by the legalization of cannabis.” There’s more background here, contending:

The “Social Equity” proposal the LCB has recently submitted to legislators is completely inadequate. African-Americans are an endangered species in the cannabis industry and the LCB has stooped to a new low of over exaggerating and inflating their demographics to make this injustice look less shameful.

As an organization we are focused on achieving fair representation for African-Americans in the cannabis industry. Many of our members were medical providers in Washington, and were prevented from obtaining retail cannabis licenses from Governor Inslee’s, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Here’s a big-picture look at the inequity problem.

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One Response to “PROTEST: Black Excellence in Cannabis demonstrates in White Center”

  1. That is kinda interesting what this group is saying . I was just reading a article in nwleaf about how the lcb is trying to change some of these issues .

    Not sure who is right or wrong is it a problem that some one can’t past a background checks or it’s hard finding a location that meets the standards or rules . Having the cash flow to pay for ever thing . Banks not wanting to loan money to cannabis related business but looks like it’s more about race.

    Some things might just be simple issue being look at wrong or is the state really racist . They made these laws to make it difficult for African Americans to work in the industry in 2019 in a liberal state ran by democrats . It’s kinda hard to think they would do that but it might be .