North Shorewood Park gets TLC

Thanks to Gill Loring for the photos and report on this recent community cleanup:

KC Parks held a work party with a small but hard working group to help native plants some planted over the past several years to survive by cleaning out mostly non-native (particularly Himalayan blackberries) at North Shorewood Park. The volunteers were from Facebook. Weather turned out perfect.

This is part of a continuing effort to reclaim North Shorewood Park from overgrowth to open it up while preserving the upper area in its native state. Keep sight lines open so people feel safe using the open field and playground. Of course, there is the dog group which does a great deal to keep it clean and safe or a regular basis.

Both Sean and Steve from KC Parks did a great job setting it up bringing us snacks that another “volunteer” tried getting to just as the cleanup began!

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One Response to “North Shorewood Park gets TLC”

  1. Thanks to all involved!