THURSDAY: Sen. Joe Nguyen, White Center Food Bank, Mary’s Place @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council

What are you doing Thursday night? You’re invited to take a little time to soak in a lot of community information and involvement:

North Highline Unincorporated Area Council Meeting

When: Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 7 pm
Where North Highline Fire Station at 1243 SW 112th Street in White Center
(Parking and Entrance are in the Back of the Station)

The Opportunity to Be Informed, Be Involved and Be Heard!

Will you be part of NHUAC’s final community meeting before the summer hiatus? If so, you will learn about North Highline’s government, neighborhoods and meet some neighbors.

(WCN photo, December 2018)

The portion of North Highline west of State Route 509 is in Washington’s 34th Legislative District. NHUAC looks forward to hearing from Sen. Joe Nguyen at our June 6th meeting. Sen. Nguyen was last with us prior to his election to the 34th District’s seat in the state senate. That discussion ranged from cannabis to housing. We’ve asked Sen. Nguyen to share his thoughts about his first session, his next session, and how things are going in North Highline. There will be an opportunity to make comments and ask questions.

(WCN photo, March 2017)

This month’s meeting will also give us an opportunity to hear from two neighbors and important local organizations, the White Center Food Bank and Mary’s Place.

In the two years it has been in White Center, Mary’s Place has rewarded our support by living up to its promises. One of those promises was to keep the people of North Highline informed. Mary’s Place Executive Director Marty Hartman and Kecia Pannell, Site Director at White Center’s Family Center, will join NHUAC.

Did you know that, not far from SeaTac Airport, there was once billboard that read:

“Will the last person leaving SEATTLE –
Turn Out the Lights”?

It was the 1970s. The loss of nearly 70,000 Boeing jobs, during the “Boeing Bust,” ultimately resulted in regional unemployment of 17%. People were struggling. The White Center Food Bank (WCFB) stepped up to help and became an unofficial part of the North Highline community. Over the decades, the WCFB has continued to be an important community member. Come hear the latest news from White Center Food Bank!

Knowledge Is Power
Learn, share and help make North Highline a better place.
June 6th – bring a neighbor

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3 Responses to “THURSDAY: Sen. Joe Nguyen, White Center Food Bank, Mary’s Place @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council”

  1. I guess I am not clear the things that Mary’s Place has done to live up to its promises. How many people have actually been placed in jobs who are at Marys Place, for starters?

  2. Come to the meeting and ask. Or contact them directly.

  3. Linda, questions like yours are why it’s important that Mary’s Place keep its promise to keep us informed. I hope to meet you Thursday night.