VIDEO: Street bands bring HONK! Fest West to White Center

12:58 PM: Today’s the day! HONK! Fest West is spending its second day of this year’s three-day festival in White Center – 1 to 6 pm. Go to the official site for the band list and locations. Free and fun. Coverage to come!

2:19 PM: Just spent the past hour wandering and enjoying:

The “stages” are at 16th/Roxbury, 16th north of 98th, and 98th east of 16th. You can wander between the areas because the streets are closed to traffic!

Each stage area has a board listing who’s up and who’s coming up. No admission charge – just wander and enjoy!


ADDED SUNDAY: More video and photos:

You can read some of the festival backstory/context here.

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One Response to “VIDEO: Street bands bring HONK! Fest West to White Center”

  1. Gill & Alex Says:

    WOW! We went over and found downtown White Center full of people enjoying themselves and having FUN. Almost all in the crowds at all three HONK venues were swaying to the music and good music it was. People of all ages, many families all enjoying WC in perfect weather. What an introduction to WC for those who have never visited our great diverse community before.