UPDATE: White Center bank-robbery suspect arrested in Burien

FIRST REPORT, 1:29 PM: Thanks to Matt from Moonshot Coffee for the first tip on this – the US Bank in the 9800 block of 15th SW in White Center has been robbed. We’ve also just received information from King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West, who says the robber gave the teller a note and then got away on foot. No description yet. They’re using a K-9 team for the search. More to come.

2:01 PM UPDATE: Sgt. West just sent this:

Suspect is a white male, 20s, last seen wearing black hoody, black gloves, blue jeans, and a red beanie. May have a tattoo on his neck.

Also added a photo from Matt (thank you!).

3:49 PM UPDATE: And another update from Sgt. West – a suspect has been arrested in Burien. “He was found in the Burien Library by one of our detectives. He is a 24-year-old transient man.” Sgt. West says the robber did not get away with any money.

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3 Responses to “UPDATE: White Center bank-robbery suspect arrested in Burien”

  1. Unrelated, but any word/follow-up on the 9 shots fired between two cars/the car wreck/three suspects that fled on foot at the corner of 102nd and 14th around five pm today? There were several sheriffs there taking photos of the bullet shells. Would really like to know if they found the suspects.

  2. I have also been waiting for word on what actually happened with the events at 102nd and 14th. I was just getting off work and had to run back into my office building while the shots were being fired. Please give us an update!

  3. Hi, we finally got a tip about that but didn’t get much info from deputies there, only that a car had some bullet holes, they were looking for another car and some people. I am going to check with KCSO’s media liaison this morning and then hopefully get more complete information for a story.