VIDEO: Annexation briefing @ Seattle City Council committee

As Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell observed toward the end of this afternoon’s briefing on two proposed annexations including North Highline, he has a lot of new colleagues, and the annexation process is a lot for them to get up to speed on. So the briefing for the Education, Equity, and Governance Committee – which Harrell chairs – was all about the process; it offered no surprises or headlines, but you can see it in its entirety in the video above (starting 54 minutes in).

Kenny Pittman, the Seattle city staffer who has long been point person on annexations, led the briefing. He said the city had not yet begun to negotiate an “interlocal agreement’ with King County regarding North Highline, but continues working on one for the South Park/Duwamish annexation area that is expected to go to a vote first – possibly later this year. That area has fewer than 100 registered voters, while the North Highline area has more than 8,600.

Harrell suggested that 2018 is probably the best time frame for a possible North Highline vote – if his colleagues agree to send it to voters – but maybe sooner. He also said he looked forward to a “strong outreach” for both areas. Pittman acknowledged that the city hasn’t had any outreach in North Highline recently (the last meeting in our archives was the one at Dubsea Coffee in March of last year).

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2 Responses to “VIDEO: Annexation briefing @ Seattle City Council committee”

  1. If annexed, will White Center Heights School become part of the Seattle School district

  2. Annexation will not affect either school district. Seattle Public Schools, which is separate from city government, would have to launch a completely separate process if it even proposed to expand its territory.