October 1st grand opening set for what was ‘traffic garden,’ now White Center Community Bicycling Park

Back in January, we reported on the plan for a “traffic garden” at Dick Thurnau Memorial Park. It’s now less than two weeks from opening, and its name has changed to the White Center Community Bicycling Park. Here’s the official flyer for the October 1st celebration:

We’ll add more information as we get it.

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3 Responses to “October 1st grand opening set for what was ‘traffic garden,’ now White Center Community Bicycling Park”

  1. Holly briscoe Says:

    Where is this park located?

  2. Beyond “in Dick Thurnau Memorial Park,” as mentioned twice above (the former Lakewood Park), I don’t know specifics of exactly where in the park. Haven’t been over lately to take a look but will try to get over before next weekend. As for the park’s location in general, there’s a map at the link that the park’s name goes to:


  3. I checked it out last weekend. It’s very large and awesome.

    If coming from 16th Ave SW, turn east on 107th, go past the White Center Library to 12th Ave SW, jog right one block in front of Mt. View Elementary School, then left at the stop sign onto 108th. Proceed 2 blocks to 10th SW, turn right. Entrance to Don Thurnau Park is on the left. turn left into the parking lot. The Bike Playground is entered from the very north end of the parking lot where the tennis courts used to be.

    Bring your bikes, trikes and even a little pedal car to have fun on the “roads”. It would be great to have toy pedal cars mixing with bikes to encourage kids at a young age to respect each other on the road no matter how they are traveling.