Car vs. bar: Vehicle crashes into Locker Room

7:42 PM: Thanks for the tips and photos, starting with this one from Pam via Twitter:

From Jill, another view:

And here’s a look at the authorities on scene, who, Jill says, have to strategize how the vehicle will be towed:

Noble Barton next door is OK, we’re told, but you might recall a similar crash into its door last January.

8:43 PM: Another photo from Jill, showing the damage to The Locker Room’s facade after the car was pulled away:

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8 Responses to “Car vs. bar: Vehicle crashes into Locker Room”

  1. Another satisfied customer from the Locker Room.

  2. I don’t know which business the driver was visiting. Jill, who contributed the photos, talked with the driver, whose spouse died recently and did most of the family driving.

  3. They missed Nobal Barton this time!

  4. It is time to re-format the street as it was originally planned. 2 lanes each way with parallel parking. This year alone 5 cars have went onto businesses. The awnings get damaged and the butt of cars block the narrow sidewalks. I will bring it up at the next meeting.

  5. ….next chamber of commerce meeting.

  6. The “Back In Angle Parking” MUST GO!

  7. Take a look at the attached video – at 12:59 you will see want 16th looked like in the 70’s. Parallel parking with green center divider.

  8. Woah! It was an actual boulevard? Bring that back!