WHITE CENTER BIZNOTE: Uncle Ike’s now open

White Center’s second recreational-marijuana store is open. It’s a franchised location of Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, whose original location is in Seattle’s Central District. Proprietor Daniela Bernhard says the store soft-opened last week at 9822 15th SW “with little fanfare – we’ll plan on a grand opening of sorts at a later date.” They’re open noon-8 pm for starters, and Bernhard says the store “does have a medical marijuana endorsement and we will be serving patients as soon as there are medical products available on the market, and the kinks in the medical system have been worked out sufficiently. We do of course carry a number of recreational products that many patients are find helpful for their wellness needs. The shop has a great deal of parking, with exceptional ADA accessibility.” Her background includes four years of operating the dispensary Northwest Patient Resource Center at 35th/Roxbury.

The first recreational-marijuana store in White Center is Bud Nation at 9640 16th SW; to the east, the neighborhood of Top Hat has three, and to the north, West Seattle’s first licensed store, Origins, is at 15th/Roxbury, though it’s filed with the state to seek a move a few miles north into the West Seattle Junction area.

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2 Responses to “WHITE CENTER BIZNOTE: Uncle Ike’s now open”

  1. Question Mark Says:

    While the White Center commercial area has 2 stores, less than a mile away in Top Hat there are 3 more stores open. No shortage of options for local residents to find cannabis …

  2. Question Mark Says:

    In addition to the 2 stores already open in the White Center commercial area, there are 4 more licensed by the state ready to open there.