Looks like Uncle Ike’s is joining the White Center cannabis business scene

The state Liquor and Cannabis Board has approved a license for Uncle Ike’s to open a retail marijuana store at 9822 15th SW in White Center, in the Asiana Square shopping center. We had received a tip about this and sent an inquiry to the company a few days ago, which was acknowledged, without a “yes” or “no” answer – now, the LCB website provides the confirmation. Uncle Ike’s first location is in Seattle’s Central District, where it’s sparked some controversy since opening in 2014.

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4 Responses to “Looks like Uncle Ike’s is joining the White Center cannabis business scene”

  1. “Sparked” some controversy? Good one, Tracy!

  2. Where does this fit in the Moratorium North Highline supposedly has, by King County ???

  3. I’m still checking but I believe this is a previously granted license, unopened store. Checking with the licensee.

  4. Patricia, unless King County has a required permit that Uncle Ike’s had not fully applied for prior to the beginning of the moratorium, there would be no grounds to prevent the business from opening. This is based on my understanding from my conversations with King County as I seek to understand the subject.