VIDEO: Deadly shooting at Boulevard Park 7-11; ‘no indication of wrongdoing,’ says King County Sheriff’s Office

(Photo courtesy Alisha)

8:13 AM: The King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deadly shooting in Boulevard Park this morning. KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West tweeted that she was on the way to 8th South/South 110th and that the early reports indicate it involved a “customer shooting hatchet-wielding masked man.”

9:31 AM: Just talked with Sgt. West at the store (will add video when we have it uploaded). She said the call came in around 5:45 am. The man who fired the shot(s) was getting coffee when the masked man came in. The man with the gun was carrying it legally, she said.

(WCN photo)
11:11 AM: While we were at the store, the King County Medical Examiner was on the scene to take away the body. Meantime, here’s what Sgt. West told us:

If you can’t play the video – Sgt. West says there was “no indication of wrongdoing” on the part of the 60-year-old store customer who shot the man – he’s a regular customer who had a concealed-pistol license – but the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will ultimately get the case for review.

11:30 AM: A news release sent by Sgt. West after our interview added two more details: The clerk, 58 years old, has a minor abdominal injury from the hatchet attack; the suspect is believed to be in his 40s but hadn’t yet been identified as of midmorning.

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6 Responses to “VIDEO: Deadly shooting at Boulevard Park 7-11; ‘no indication of wrongdoing,’ says King County Sheriff’s Office”

  1. “Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good news story” I thought the location looked odd for being in White Center

  2. The wording is odd: “customer shooting hatchet-wielding masked man” could be that the perpetrator was shooting customers while wielding a hatchet or a customer shot a hatchet-wielding masked man. From the update it looks like a customer with a legally held gun shot the guy with the hatchet.

  3. M – In order to be grammatically (punctuationally!) correct for what you suggest, it would have had to have been customer-shooting, hatchet-wielding masked man.” The hyphens are all-important. Using Twitter sometimes requires cutting down on characters to make the 140-character limit, and articles (ideally this would have been “customer shooting a hatchet-wielding masked man”) are often the first to go.

    D – I will admit I had to look it up – but I did know instantly upon seeing the cross-streets that whatever it was, it was NOT WC, especially considering that this location is east of 509.

  4. Looks like pick wrong 7/11 to act up in, also it’s a gun license, not a permit

  5. No. The state of Washington has a CPL. Concealed pistol licence.

  6. It appears this guy Steven Lee Blacktongue had over 25 court entries (Washington Court), 3 appear to be felonies. How could this thug not be supervised?