Full Tilt Ice Cream launching ‘Seattle Icon’ flavor series, with White Center event April 16th

Something fun to get on your calendar for next month and beyond – a new series of “Seattle Icon” flavors that White Center-founded Full Tilt Ice Cream is about to launch. And it starts with a celebration of libraries – especially the new one in the works for White Center! – check the special event mentioned in the announcement:

Full Tilt Ice Cream is launching the Seattle Icon series this spring and summer. This series will pay homage to the people, places, and events that have made Seattle the amazing place that it is. The series will run from April to September, and span both living and existing icons as well as Icons from Seattle’s rich past. The flavors will be available in the 4 Full Tilt scoop shops for one week only.

The first Icon in the Series is going to be Nancy Pearl, Seattle’s librarian. This will coincide with National Library Week. A portion of the proceeds will be going to the White Center Library Guild to help with the new library being built. Nancy has requested a peanut butter ice cream with a fudge swirl. She will also be a guest scooper at Full Tilt’s White Center location April 16th, at 2 pm. The White Center library is also going to unveil pictures of the yet unfinished library. Future Icons in the series will include Mudhoney, the Space Needle, Richard Hugo, Sub Pop, Frances Farmer, Easy Street Records, August Wilson, and many others.

Full Tilt Ice Cream is a family-owned ice cream shop that started in White Center, Washington in 2008. All of Full Tilt’s ice cream is produced using local cows, and as many local ingredients as possible. Now with over 30 flavors in pints available at grocery stores all over the Pacific Northwest, and hundreds of flavor possibilities at the local scoop shops as well as restaurants and hotels around town.

The first special flavor will be available starting April 11th, FT tells WCN.

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One Response to “Full Tilt Ice Cream launching ‘Seattle Icon’ flavor series, with White Center event April 16th”

  1. Thank you, Justin! What a treat for White Center. And I’ll get to meet Nancy Pearl while enjoying some of my favorite flavors.