34th District Democrats endorse North Highline Fire District measure

Less than a week until King County Elections sends out the August 5th ballots, which will include the North Highline Fire District benefit-charge ballot measure. Last night, meeting in West Seattle, this area’s biggest political organization, the 34th District Democrats, endorsed the measure. If you’re still getting up to speed on what it’s about, see the video in this WCN story from last month’s NH Unincorporated Area Council meeting.

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5 Responses to “34th District Democrats endorse North Highline Fire District measure”

  1. would like to ask why at times do the fire engines blare the sirens extremely loud (like city engines)..when there is no traffic or pedestrians, this excrutiating blare not only hurts our ears but the pets…. this makes no sense, if you live along 12th SW area, you know what I mean.

  2. Please call the fire district and ask – doubt anyone will be able to answer here. Thanks.

  3. …thank you Tracy, this has not helped…waxes and wanes when calls placed.

  4. Why you ask? Maybe because they’re going on an emergency.

  5. ….Chris, the issue is the siren volume. A few residents are keeping (audio) videos to present at meeting.