Bird missing in White Center


From Amy: “My parrot got out Saturday night in the White Center area (4th/102nd). She got spooked and went in the tree which we couldn’t get her down. She is a very sweet, well mannered, sounds like R2D2 from Star Wars and everyone thinks she is the coolest parrot, she has moved cross country twice with me and has been my best friend for years. I really hope some kind people find her and contact me. She loves pistachios, ice cold water, music, especially guitar. I am offering a reward of $100 to get her home safely. My name is Amy, my cell is 425-445-0761, please text or call anytime.”

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2 Responses to “Bird missing in White Center”

  1. I’ll share this on our Next Door site for Arbor Heights. There has been two different parrots sighted within the last week.

  2. Thanks. Please make sure people report pets to us as well as in those walled sites. This is exactly why sites that aren’t walled neighborhood-by-neighborhood matter (ND is absolutely invisible to Google and other ways that people look for information). An AH pet might turn up in Admiral, or vice versa, even without wings! And the same goes for criminals, not to mention other types of things we cover on our main site (where this also appears).