Early-morning fire guts 13th SW home; no one hurt

North Highline Fire District crews are still at the scene of a house fire on 13th SW south of SW Roxbury. The incident commander tells WCN that no one was in the house when it caught fire before dawn; there are residents in an RV on the property, and the house was full of items being stored. An investigator will be working in the hours ahead to find out what started the fire.

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5 Responses to “Early-morning fire guts 13th SW home; no one hurt”

  1. Thanks for posting this; we wondered what happened. I was woken up around 4am by the aid car chirping by but didn’t get a good look till 5ish. Glad no one was in the home.

  2. …abandoned houses are a safety issue, there is also a house on east side of 4th and 120th SW that transients have tried to get in..what can be done about these homes? Tear them down?

  3. It’s not clear that this was truly abandoned- Tracy, is there any indication that the people in the RV were squatting? I live on 13th and have for several years. I’ve suspected there was a hoarding situation going on for some time.

  4. I apologize, I don’t have any followup info on this but will ask KCSO – which handles info for the fire district – tomorrow.

  5. Thanks, Tracy. I’d be super curious to see what they know. To my recollection, that RV has been outside the home for ages and it was not obvious people were living in it vs the house. I hope things work out for all involved.