Mudhoney in White Center: Band, fans scream for ice cream @ Full Tilt

Maybe you’ve been in Full Tilt Ice Cream‘s White Center shop with a wall-to-wall crowd on a sizzling summer day? Multiply that size of crowd times five or so – and that’s what filled the shop Wednesday night, with plenty of crowd spillover out front, for Mudhoney, whose members arrived via … crosswalk:

Full Tilt proprietor Justin Cline told us the shop filled to capacity way before showtime:

Back inside, this had all started as an ice-cream launch party, for new Full Tilt flavor Mudhoney, and yes, there was scooping going on:

But the spectre of grunge-rock legends at centerstage next to the counter, less than a week after sharing the KeyArena bill with Pearl Jam, was the main course. Now that the band’s played on, go check out the ice cream.

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