Suspect chased from Burien, sought in White Center

King County Sheriff’s Deputies are still looking in White Center for a man who took off in a stolen car after a suspected domestic-violence incident in Burien. The search included Guardian One, as shown overhead, which we photographed near the Joint Training Facility on Myers Way just south of Roxbury (map) before sundown. KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West tells us that a plainclothes detective happened to be nearby when the incident was reported at a supermarket on 1st Avenue South in Burien; the detective saw the male suspect on the run, called for backup, and drove after the suspect, whose vehicle was determined to be stolen. The suspect abandoned the car and fled in White Center, and was believed to have made it to the JTF vicinity, which is where the helicopter was searching. Seattle Police were helping watch the perimeter of the search area. As of about 15 minutes ago, Sgt. West said, no arrest yet.

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One Response to “Suspect chased from Burien, sought in White Center”

  1. The cops were right outside my house, it was pretty scary.
    My dad said he saw the man go behind our neighbors and he said he had a gun.