LED streetlights headed for downtown White Center this fall

Seattle City Light has been converting streetlights to LEDs around its service area for a while, but the focus has been on non-arterial streets because of concerns about how the new lights would handle the needs of major streets.

Now, City Light is getting ready to start swapping out arterial lights too. We talked with SCL’s Scott Thomsen after we spotted a published notice about the call for bids. And he says the White Center business district will be one of the first places to get the new lights, by request of the WC Chamber of Commerce, starting sometime this fall, when 88 lights will be replaced there, as well as almost two-thousand elsewhere in SCL’s service area. Advantages of LEDs include that they last three times as long, use less electricity, waste less light on non-targeted areas (which means less “light pollution”), have a better “depth of field” so that more objects are illuminated, and show colors more truly.

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2 Responses to “LED streetlights headed for downtown White Center this fall”

  1. Thanks Seattle City Light for responding to our request for improved street lighting in the White Center Business District. They expressed a willingness to move us up the list. Business owners also need to make sure that their own street lighting, both in front and in back of their buildings helps solve the problem. Also kudos to Chris Cody of Herban Legends for his White Center Chamber of Commerce leadership on this issue.

    Mark Ufkes
    White Center Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors member

  2. I DON’T LIKE those white lights! It looks like a
    winter snow storm has just struck the area.

    If the new lights cost less,
    Why don’t the charges that City Light
    imposes for “Lighting” go DOWN?