Reminder: Marijuana-zoning meeting in White Center tonight

Want to have a say on how marijuana-related businesses should be handled in unincorporated King County? Tonight’s your chance. As reported here last week, one of four county-convened meetings is happening tonight at the Technology Access Foundation’s facility at Lakewood Park, 605 SW 108th, starting with a 6 pm open house, then moving to public comment at 7.

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4 Responses to “Reminder: Marijuana-zoning meeting in White Center tonight”

  1. …hopefully federal law will eventually close these places.

  2. Yeah because what the feds have been doing the last 80 years has been working really well…

  3. Ya close em down! Open a bar so everyone can drive home drunk (everyone) and slide into a school bus full of nuns.

  4. We should be encouraging the collectives in white center. Marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, known to aid with many different ailments and afflictions, and is stimulating the economy locally on the CDP. If you close the dispensaries you might as well close the porno shops and all the bars as well and if THAT happens you might as well change the name of the CDP because it would no longer be good ole rat city