White Center Tacos in the Park next Friday, and other lunches for those in need

From Mark Ufkes:

Union Gospel Mission is assisting in coordinating Tacos in the Park for our White Center homeless population this summer, to continue their important outreach work to the White Center homeless population who they have been serving on Saturday evenings for over two years.

Tacos are scheduled for every second Friday of the month at noon. In June, tacos are planned for Friday, June 14 (Flag Day), again on Friday July 12, and again on Friday August, 9, 2013. Taco Time Northwest continues to support our lunch effort as we reach out to homeless folks and let them know that we care for them and want them to be healthy.

A second church group from a Burien church has expanded its lunch outreach to our homeless population on two Saturdays each month, and Holy Family (from Seattle) continues their outreach and free lunch on one Saturday each month. Our Second Friday of the Month effort continues to average over 40 participants, and we serve over 100 tacos during the 90 minute event. White Center business owners are encouraged to send the homeless from their block to the free lunch next Friday.

As they say, “There but by the grace of God, go I”

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2 Responses to “White Center Tacos in the Park next Friday, and other lunches for those in need”

  1. this is really getting old hat…They also so: Cast ye not pearls to swine! Are there may be criminal/mentally stable in the lot, let professionals help them. Why not help our senior citizens and disabled and/or their pets? What is this obsession with helping only certain elements of society.

  2. Not every organization can be all things to all people; why are you condemning a group for doing something good? Because it doesn’t mesh with your idea of a “needy” person?

    And, if I am not mistaken, Jesus wasn’t exactly a fan of discriminating against certain groups who needed help. Everyone deserves help.

    If you want to support seniors, etc., then I am sure there are groups which would welcome your support both monetary and physical.