White Center businesses: New medical-marijuana outlet USC 2 opens

A new medical-marijuana dispensary has just opened in downtown White Center – on the lower level of the White Center building that once housed a short-lived medical-marijuana “lounge.” The lower rear entry of the building on the southwest corner of 16th/98th is the doorway for USC 2. (“USC” also was the name of the dispensary that was briefly open in the southernmost block of Delridge, just a few blocks away from this location, and now – according to one online directory – is in South Seattle.) USC 2 has yet to respond to our note with a few followup questions; with its opening in the building that previously was home to The Wall, The Hang Around, and GAME Lounge, there are now three marijuana businesses within about a block of each other on 16th in downtown WC – Herban Legends, the Northwest Cannabis Market, and this one. Their status has not been affected by the passage of Initiative 502, which requires the state to come up with rules for growers and sellers by next November, at which time it’ll take applications for people interested in entering the cannabis business.

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5 Responses to “White Center businesses: New medical-marijuana outlet USC 2 opens”

  1. From White Center to the Spokane Bridge how many dispensary do we have?

    and what are the requirments of smoking it at home on the street casually?

  2. Malcolm Kyle Says:

    Legally regulated (manufacture, distribution and consumption) of marijuana is coming to a state near you in 2013:


    “These laws just don’t make sense anymore. It’s shocking, from my perspective, the number of people that we all know who are recreational marijuana users… these are incredibly upstanding citizens: Leaders in our community, and exceptional people.”
    —Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (preparing the way for Governor Jerry Brown to initiate proceedings to legalize and regulate marijuana through the state legislature)


    Maine’s legislature is moving on a legalization-and-regulation bill that could bring the state $8 million a year in new revenue.

    ”The people are far ahead of the politicians on this. Just in the past few weeks we’ve seen the culture shift dramatically.”
    —Rep. Diane Russell of Portland, District 120 (Occupation: Public Relations Consultant)


    “Thinking we’re not going to have it is unrealistic. It’s just a question of how and when”
    —Assemblyman Richard (Tick) Segerblom of Las Vegas, elected to the Nevada State Senate in 2012


    “We have decades of evidence that says prohibition does not work and it’s counterproductive. it’s a matter of dollars and common sense. There’s a source of revenue that’s reasonable that is rational that is the right policy choice for our state. We are going to get there on legalization.”
    —Peter Buckley, co-chair of the Oregon state legislature’s budget committee.


    Rhode Island is also expected to legally regulate marijuana through the state legislature instead of a popular referendum.

    ”Our prohibition has failed, Legalizing and taxing it, just as we did to alcohol, is the way to do it.”
    —Rep. Edith Ajello, chairs the House Committee on Judiciary and is a member of the House Oversight Committee.


    In November 2012, the state’s Democratic governor, Peter Shumlin, cruised to re-election while strongly backing marijuana decriminalization. And the city of Burlington passed a resolution in November 2012 calling for an end to prohibition – with 70 percent support.


    Most Alaskans already have a clear view of things from their own back garden. Personal use and possession of Marijuana in Alaskan homes has been effectively legal since 1975.

  3. Has the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency been advised of these “Pot Outlets?”

  4. Leticia,
    The recently passed initiative allows smoking MJ in private, but not in public. But I’m not sure of the definition of “public” in this case. Is smoking it in the front yard of a private residence considered “public”? And how about on a business’ outdoor premises (+25′ from the door, of course)?

  5. Dollarsfordollars Says:

    …I don’t agree with the MJ enactment laws passage, that being said, does anyone know how long does the MJ “fog” last after smoking…how is the impairment factor duration compare with Driving/working under the influence?