White Center Crime Watch: Search warrants served in drug cases

We received multiple inquiries this morning about what looked like some type of SWAT operation near 12th and 107th – with a loud explosive-type sound at one point. Here’s what we were able to find out from King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West: She says detectives served five search warrants this morning, including that one, plus one near the 1600 block of SW 116th in north Burien, and the other three at residences in Federal Way and Renton as well as a storage facility near Renton. Sgt. West adds: “The focus was a narcotics ring involving family members … several people were arrested, some guns and money were recovered, as well as quite a few ounces of cocaine and some heroin.” One of the neighbors we heard from says a deputy told him the explosive sound was a “flash-bang” device often used in such situations to startle occupants and assist officers with carrying out the operation safely. Sgt. West hopes to get more information tomorrow.

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One Response to “White Center Crime Watch: Search warrants served in drug cases”

  1. Great! Now maybe they can go bust the drug dealers living above the sign shop on 16th too that deal drug day and night there and at DK Cafe.