New chair sought by White Center Arts as its temporary gallery prepares to open

Change is in the works for White Center Arts, according to this announcement from Shelli Park, and this might be your chance to help:

White Center Arts is at an exciting crossroads. We are opening a temporary gallery in the Greenbridge development, utilizing an available new storefront. Our goal is to host gallery shows, artist workshops, arts events, and fundraisers. WCA is hoping that this will eventually turn into a permanent space, either in the same location, or through fundraising, fund a different space. We have been working towards this goal of opening a community gallery for three years. We are partnering with King County Housing Authority in the current space.

WCA is also closing out an era. After years of service, the founding chair of White Center for the Arts and the merged organization White Center Arts, is ready to step down. WCA is looking for a new leader to continue the vision of our role in bringing greater art access and visibility to White Center, and support for our local artists.

WCA is looking to fill two positions:

CHAIR: a person with the vision to guide the organization with our mission in mind. A connection with White Center is preferred, as this is a unique neighborhood, and practical understanding of the challenges would be very helpful in establishing relationships and partnerships. It is also desired that this person understand the importance of art and culture’s impact on community and economic development.

WCA’s board is dedicated to our mission. We have faced and overcome many challenges. We feel the excitement of this new path and want to share it with someone who is as passionate about arts in White Center as we are.

RECORDING SECRETARY: a person to record the minutes and discussion highlights of board meetings. The secretary will summarize and e-mail the notes to the board members shortly after meeting dates.

Please contact Shelli Park at

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3 Responses to “New chair sought by White Center Arts as its temporary gallery prepares to open”

  1. Wow.

  2. That’s incredibly frustrating.

  3. Wait, there is someone left from WC for the Arts? I thought that thing died when the old WCAA reared back up. Who is currently the chair?