The kids at Mount View Elementary need you: ‘Compramos libros en Español, por favor!’

Mount View Elementary in White Center needs your help – and it’s really easy.

Shoshanna Cohen, the ELL Interventionist at Mount View, explains that the school “has an incredibly high Hispanic population and very limited books in Spanish for them to read,” so: “We entered a contest through Santillana where the grand prize is $5000 grant for Spanish books for the school. The entire contest is based on votes and you can vote every day.”

Here’s how:

Go to this webpage and click the lower-right link that says VOTAR/VOTE.

You’ll go to a page with the entries – look for the student in the Cat in the Hat-striped hat, and that’s for Mount View. You can watch their video – same one embedded above here – or just click “vote for this video.” It’s fast and easy – NO registration, NO signing up for anything.

Cohen adds, “I love my school and my students are amazing -there is so much research showing that by promoting the student’s first language, their growth in their second language (English) is astronomical.”

The competition runs through next weekend – so no time to waste, vote for Mount View today!

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7 Responses to “The kids at Mount View Elementary need you: ‘Compramos libros en Español, por favor!’

  1. So where is the website to go to? There is no link nor mention.

  2. Link to website please?

  3. missing link! Quiero Votar! =D

  4. The link sends me to a place that tells me I have already voted for today….. :( Help!

  5. Maybe you’re on a shared IP system :( it looks to me like the tracking is only done by IP, which is the flip side of not requiring registration, e-mail, etc. Be sure and vote when you get home – or from your phone maybe?

  6. That’s exactly what it is! Thank you :)