Chase starts in White Center, ends in West Seattle, with felon on the run

(Emanuel Kozma, suspect being sought after King County Sheriff’s Office pursuit ended in West Seattle)
Be on the lookout for Emanuel Kozma – King County Sheriff’s Office deputies are still looking for him, hours after they tried to pull him over in White Center, and he instead led them on a chase into West Seattle. It ended shortly before the car he was driving turned on its side in a West Seattle yard:

Here’s how KCSO Sgt. Cindi West explained what was going on:

Around 7:30 tonight our gang detectives attempted to stop a vehicle driven by a known convicted felon who they believe was armed with a firearm. When the detectives attempted to stop the vehicle near SW 108th / 15th SW the vehicle fled north toward Seattle. As detectives chased the vehicle the occupants threw a handgun out the window of the car. (that weapon has been recovered)

In the area of 17th and Henderson detectives lost the car. They learned from SPD that there was a rollover accident at 17th and Trenton. Detectives went to that location and saw that it was the vehicle they had been trying to stop. A 22-year-old female was in the car and taken to Highline Hospital with minor injuries. The male,, Emanuel Kozma, fled on foot in the area. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt with cutoff sleeves and dark pants.

The photo of him is very recent and he still has the goatee. He is said to be about 24 years old and about 5’7”. He may still be armed so residents should call 911 if they see him.

We looked up Kozma’s record and found out he had just spent 22 hours in jail, getting out at 4:30 pm today. He was in for a drug-related case.

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5 Responses to “Chase starts in White Center, ends in West Seattle, with felon on the run”

  1. send the fuel bill to the judge and prosecuter.what is jet A 500.-600. a gallon now? the cop that arrested him last is more than likely still working on the paperwork from the last arrest.

  2. Considering the price of unleaded regular, Mr. Kozma has probably made the his trip back into Mexico by now.

    Tracy, do you ever get notifications from KCSO of criminal apprehensions, such Mr. Kozma above or have access to the actual percentage rate(s) of perpetrators that are taken into custody after an alleged crime such as the one above occurs?

    We read about a lot of “crimes” committed but rarely hear of “follow-up arrests”.

  3. There is no way to track all these cases. If I am following a case, I can always ask KCSO PIO for updates. This would not have been major if not for the pursuit. I check the King County Jail Register routinely and have been checking on this guy since this. Not in jail therefore has not been arrested yet. As for Mexico – his record goes back to juvenile days so I doubt he is from there or any other non-King County area, at least any time in recent years.

  4. Thanks Tracy.

  5. Tracy,
    Would it be possible for the KCSO to contact WCN when an arrest/conviction has been made?
    Rarely hearing of arrests for crimes I read about, tells me that not only some but most of the criminals arrested are a small percentage in comparison to the criminals that get away with their crime(s)to society, opening the door for more criminal actions to be taken by them free of punishment.

    My guess would be in percentage(s), very few crimes are prosecuted in comparison to those committed. Does the KCSO release that figure/ratio to the public?

    Thanks Tracy/from an old paperboy that used to deliver the White Center News on his bicycle. .25/.35 a month. The office was a couple of doors down from the “Triple XXX” later to become “Bills Bully Burgers” on 17th. Still there?
    I enjoy reading WCN Now, usually daily.
    Thanks for your/others time and expertise.