White Center/West Seattle charity-beer name contest: Winner on Wednesday

Did you throw a name into the ring .. er, mug … for the beer-naming contest? Jeff Gilbert of Feedback Lounge in West Seattle says judges – from White Center as well as WS – are going over the suggestions now, and will make their decision in time for a big announcement Wednesday night at 6, to let the world know what will follow “Lowman Brau” and “Whale Tail Ale”:

THE “GIVE THIS FOAM A HOME” CONTEST IS OVER! A huge thanks to everyone in West Seattle and White Center who sent in their entries to name the new Big Al Brewing charity beer.

We will announce the winner on Wednesday, March 21 at 6PM. There are 12 judges sifting through hundreds of entries; their job is a tough one – there are a LOT of really creative and clever names suggested by the community. But in the end, only one name will stand victorious!

The judges are community business members from THE FEEDBACK LOUNGE, WEST 5, SHADOWLAND, MISSION, THE BRIDGE, LOCÖL, BEVERIDGE PLACE PUB, COMPANY BAR, and of course, BIG AL BREWING. And we’ve enlisted several folks from THE WEST, the new West Seattle/White Center arts collective.

While we tabulate, here’s some interesting stats about the contest entries…

• 90% of the names were contributed by women
• 50% of the people who entered actually read the rules
• 60 people entered a half dozen names or more, meaning they did not read the rules
• Most of the people who entered came from the High Point/Highland Park areas
• Most of the names had references to Alki, High Point and Roxbury, with a few Duwamishes thrown in)
• People sending in the same name were given the chance to enter again, giving everyone a shot of the big prize

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