Sweetheart Failautusi’s killer pleads guilty; 15-year sentence recommended

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The man charged with second-degree murder in last August’s White Center murder of 23-year-old Sweetheart Failautusi has just admitted in court that he did it. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office confirms that Anthony Haroldlee Smith pleaded guilty this morning as charged, acknowledging he is to blame for the deadly shooting at 15th and Roxbury in the early-morning hours of August 16th. Sentencing range is 134-234 months; KCPAO spokesperson Ian Goodhew says the “agreed recommendation” for sentencing will be 15 years. He adds, “Sweetheart’s family felt the agreement was the right thing to do to assure a conviction and have the certainty of the mid-range recommendation as opposed to him possibly receiving a lower sentence.” Smith is scheduled to be sentenced March 23rd at 1:45 pm by King County Superior Court Mary Yu.

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One Response to “Sweetheart Failautusi’s killer pleads guilty; 15-year sentence recommended”

  1. 15 years for murdering someone? And he will probably be out sooner. Our justice system is pathetic, a failure.