Golden anniversary for Taco Time NW, founded in White Center

Taco Time Northwest has announced its 50th-anniversary celebration this month – and in case you somehow didn’t know this, this branch of the restaurant chain’s first location was right here in White Center, same site where it operates now. It’s still owned by the Tonkin family, and planning on new programs/initiatives in honor of the half-century milestone. From the news release:

In 2012 and moving forward, Taco Time NW will continue to increase the number of products sourced from northwest suppliers and will purchase local ingredients whenever possible, including tortillas baked fresh daily from La Mexicana, a local family-owned company that Taco Time has worked with for almost 40 years. Taco Time NW’s beef is sourced from local family-owned Petschl’s Quality Meats, which delivers fresh, northwest beef to the restaurants. Taco Time NW’s famous Mexi-Fries will be made in Washington from Washington state potatoes and northwest-based Darigold provides Taco Time NW’s 60-day aged Cheddar cheese.

…Additionally, Taco Time NW is introducing new green initiatives, including investing in many compostable packaging options. At over half of its restaurants where hauling compost to a commercial compost facility is possible, Taco Time has designed a program that allows all compostable items to be disposed of in one bin, eliminating the need for guests to separate out the compostables. When possible, the compostables will be transported to local composting company Cedar Grove.

Taco Time NW will also celebrate its 50th anniversary with the introduction of a traveling taco truck, which will visit 50 community events and block parties between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Besides White Center, Taco Time Northwest operates 72 other restaurants “from Lynden to Longview,” points out the announcement.

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4 Responses to “Golden anniversary for Taco Time NW, founded in White Center”

  1. This article leaves an incorrect perception about the founding of Taco Time. Taco Time was started in Eugene, OR by Ron Fraedrick in 1960. The first restaurant location still exists a few blocks from the University of Oregon. The corporation is now owned by Kahala Corp.

    The Taco Time NW about page documents that they started as a franchisor and became independent in 1979. Congrats on all the years of success!

  2. Not inaccurate, but I added a few words to eliminate the perception you suggest some might come away with. Thanks!

  3. Is the meat free range? It says the meet is locally owned, but is it free-range organic meat?

  4. The meat is not free range, and nothing about this place is organic.