Papa’s Pub reaches settlement with state, surrenders liquor license

One week ago, we broke the news that Papa’s Pub had shut down. There had been some questions in the interim about whether it really would stay shut down. Its owner had been scheduled to appear at a hearing today on alleged liquor-license violations. But now we know that hearing is off, and Papa’s no longer has a liquor license. From Anne Radford at the Liquor Control Board:

Papa’s Pub and the WSLCB have reached a settlement agreement in five pending Administrative Violation Notices. Papa’s Pub has agreed that the five violations occurred, and will surrender its liquor license.

This means that the administrative hearings scheduled for today and Tuesday are canceled.

Please review the Final Order of the Board here:

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2 Responses to “Papa’s Pub reaches settlement with state, surrenders liquor license”

  1. Anyone know ? Does this mean they didn’t have to pay the fines ?

  2. clicked on the; no fine listed