WCN Extra: A Valentine’s Day 2012 greeting from a reader to his wife*

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012

A poem for Lois Schipper;
my remarkable wife

My wife is more beautiful now than the day I met her over 22 years ago.
I wrote a poem about it.
” Skinny Dipping in Ingall’s Lake”

She is smarter, more organized, better with the boys,
And she puts up with my ramblings.

And after all these years, even now, when I bump into Lois in blue jeans,
it drives me wild!

I am so happy I married her. I am so blessed.

The nearness of you honey, the nearness of you . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Your husband, Mark Ufkes

(Copyright Mark Ufkes February 14, 2012)


*EDITOR’S FOOTNOTE: Mark asked via e-mail if we had ad space to sell for a day to publish this message. We aren’t yet selling ads on WCN but decided to run it free and invite anyone else with a message to share for their beloved to e-mail us at whitecenternow@gmail.com (before 3 pm today), and we’ll add it too.

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