Followup: Status hearing delayed for White Center murder suspect

One month after 24-year-old Jason Saechao was shot and killed at Seattle Roll Bakery in White Center, we are watching the case as it proceeds through the court system. After the arraignment of 25-year-old suspect Cu Van Truong on January 12th – here’s our coverage – the next step is a “case-scheduling hearing,” which now has been postponed twice; it was scheduled to happen one week ago today, then postponed till this past Monday, and court documents from that day indicate that it’s now been postponed until early March. Reasons cited in court documentation include: Defense attorney just “substituted in” to the case on January 27th, defense has only partial discovery (the process to find out what witnesses/evidence there is), defense lawyer is going on vacation for ten days.

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2 Responses to “Followup: Status hearing delayed for White Center murder suspect”

  1. is there any update on this case

  2. He is due back in court this Wednesday to check on the status of the case.