White Center crime: Saturday night’s disturbance, gunfire

After the DEA search in downtown White Center earlier this week, news emerged (first reported yesterday afternoon by PubliCola) of a disturbance on Saturday night. From King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West:

On 11-12-11 at approximately 1130 pm, it looks like there was possibly a party at the GAME establishment that had a large number of youth in attendance. We had deputies patrolling the area. According to the police report, a couple of our deputies heard 2 gunshots coming from the area of 16th St between 9600-9800 blocks. The deputies went to the area where they heard the shots and saw that there were approximately 75-100 juveniles in the area. Some were coming out of the GAME establishment. The group of juveniles had separated and were posturing in the street, flashing gang signs and yelling. Deputies did not locate any victims. SPD had arrived to assist also.

(About an hour later) deputies heard several more shots, coming from the area of 15th-16th and Roxbury. It appears bullets struck the wall of the Walgreens, and a business identified as Pure Drop Water Purifier received damage to the buildings and glass at the business had been shattered. No suspects at this time.

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9 Responses to “White Center crime: Saturday night’s disturbance, gunfire”

  1. Thanks for shutting down GAME DEA.

  2. we were at the Triangle pub and we saw all the kids – didnt know that bullets went into the business right next door – scary! I am glad that the GAME is shut down too – why the hell were there some many kids at a place like that!

  3. *Is* GAME shut down, though? I drove past it today and there seemed to be lights on inside and the “OPEN” sign above the door was lit…

  4. The game is still open

  5. WhiteCenter Library Neighbor Says:

    we need to shut this GAME down!

  6. I think Amanda was being sarcastic…

  7. Nope, I was serious! That place gives the legit medical marijuana places a black eye.

  8. Someone really needs to give the Landlord a black eye cause she evicted nice people doing a great thing for the community and put in Drug dealers and thugs….HEY!….Wasnt there Drug dealers and thugs befor the Hang Around was open too? I think the Landlord likes the Thugs, prostitutes and gang members in her building…..What do you think????….Seems like a pattern there??

  9. THATS RIGHT blame the landlord … where is your little darling? probally out smoking dope with the rest of the spoiled little beasts vou call just kids..wake up and control your little houseapes and this won’t happen…