White Center murder suspect’s bail set at $1 million

Gang rivalry is alleged to have sparked the fight that led to the deadly Tuesday shooting of 23-year-old Sweetheart Failautusi in White Center. That’s according to documents released by prosecutors after a bail hearing for the 25-year-old man arrested on Wednesday in Highland Park in connection with the murder. His bail was set at $1 million; the suspect waived his right to appear in person, so was not there. Next step in the case will be a King County Prosecuting Attorney decision on filing charges (Monday is the deadline), and of course two suspects remain at large – as the King County Sheriff’s Office noted in its official confirmation of the arrest. From the probable-cause documents, here’s what KCSO says happened after deputies heard gunshots and found the victim dead in the street:

… Detectives interviewed Sweetheart’s friends and learned that in the fight disturbance, Sweetheart and her friend had been in a physical altercation with a male who was later identified as [suspect] and his two friends. During this fight, a gun fell out of [suspect’s] waistband. The gun was recovered by one of [suspect’s] friends and the fight was over. [Suspect] had allegedly yelled “It’s not over, bitch, I’ll be right back” at Sweetheart. [Suspect] did return 36 minutes later with his two friends. [Suspect] then yelled ‘Bitch! F*** you!’ as he pulled out his handgun. [Suspect] reportedly did fire his gun three times and struck Sweetheart in the back of her head. …

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