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White Center has always had a wealth of arts and cultural activities. The newly formed, WHITE CENTER ARTS, the merger of two organizations – White Center Arts Alliance and White Center for the Arts unify efforts and resources in order to provide more arts and cultural experiences for the community. WHITE CENTER ARTS continues to cultivate partnerships of all backgrounds through the rich arts, culture and heritage diaspora that is prominent within the area:
Dear White Center Community and Arts Supporters,

The White Center Arts Alliance and White Center for the Arts are pleased to announce their merger into White Center’s new arts and cultural organization, White Center Arts. The merger, approved by board members of both White Center arts organizations on March 29, 2011, is the result of an open exchange of ideas and goals for arts and culture in the White Center area.
We thank all who have supported us with their time, energy, ideas and financial contributions, past and future, particularly founding members and out-going board members of both organizations! Without these important individuals, neither organization would be where they are today!! Special thanks to the artists and community members who have participated in and attended our local events including music nights, writers’ workshops, movie nights, monthly writers and tellers readings, poetry nights, and the Third Saturday Open Studio Tour, which morphed into the White Center 3rd Saturday Art Walk.

White Center Arts will continue to add to the vibrancy and positive energy in our community by building on the achievements of its predecessors. White Center Arts is being established to bring a strong and more cohesive arts and cultural voice to the White Center area. We look forward to continuing to build partnerships with both emerging artists and established artists, local groups and organizations as we create a strong and supportive network for the arts community.

Healthy businesses are an essential part of a healthy community. We have appreciated the support of our local businesses, and look forward to years of continuing partnership with the business district as together we work toward a healthy and vibrant community. If you haven’t been to a White Center 3rd Saturday Art Walk lately, please mark your calendar and check out the Art Walk blog: Enjoy the art while supporting local White Center businesses. If you are an artist who would like to display your work at an upcoming Art Walk, please contact

White Center Arts is a White Center community arts and cultural organization. Community support is necessary to develop and support arts and culture in White Center. This support will also be the key to the success of White Center Arts. You are important to us, and we invite you to become involved. Here are some of the ways to do so:

1) becoming a member or join a planning committee – youth ambassadors welcomed

2) share your talents (artist of any genre, carpentry, photography, financial, writing, baking or event coordination, people-wrangling skills, etc)

3) participate or attend local events

If you are interested in participating in any way, listed or not, please contact
Thank your for all that you do for White Center!
White Center Arts – Current Board of Directors
Shelli Kay Park – Co-Chair
Nancy Calos-Nakano- Co-Chair
Amanda Kay Helmick- Vice-Chair / ArtWalk Co-Curator
Susan Cole- Treasurer
Devrim Ozkan -Secretary / ArtWalk Co-Curator
Phillip Levine, Bob Frey, Jerry Robison, Hiroshi Nakano, Randy Nichols, Liz Giba

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