Update: Olson Place reopens after crash

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11:39 AM: A crash on Olson Place heading downhill to Highway 509 from the east end of Roxbury has traffic being diverted at Olson/4th (map) – you’ll have to go southbound on 4th. The crash scene is close to the top of the hill. The Seattle Police Department Traffic Collision Investigation Squad is there, which suggests that downhill (eastbound to 509) Olson will be closed for a while, usually a few hours. Southwest Precinct Lt. Ron Rasmussen tells us two people were taken to the hospital.

1:53 PM UPDATE: Per scanner, police are clearing and Olson is now open again.

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One Response to “Update: Olson Place reopens after crash”

  1. AHneighbor Says:

    Just read (belatedly) last week’s Sunday Seattle Times, which stated, “Police said it was unclear why the driver lost control.” Unclear??? Unbelievable!!! The rain that day mixed with all the oil that always covers the street, especially near the top of the hill. That hill is covered with grease and has had so many wrecks and fender benders. I have witnessed 3 near misses right there! I even stopped to mention the dangerous oil slick to a police officer at an earlier incident, and he said he knew about it! My husband avoids this street when he is on his motorcycle because it always wants to spin out of control. The police should check the crash records, but mainly just take a look at the road!!!!!