White Center 4th of July aftermath: Field fire doused near WC DQ

Thanks to Madge Bloom for e-mailing to share that photo of a fire she spotted, and reported, late last night in the open space by the White Center Dairy Queen. She says North Highline Fire District firefighters got there fast and made quick work of it; she has more photos on her website, The View From Right Here.

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5 Responses to “White Center 4th of July aftermath: Field fire doused near WC DQ”

  1. Gary Hoyt Says:

    Air pollution from fire works, then additional pollution/property damage from fire.

    Fireworks should be banned on all scales large and small.

  2. Bill McElroy Says:

    Just because a few idiots don’t take responsibility for their own actions,in no way justifies banning what many of us do for fun. If you want to live where the Government controls all aspects of everyones lives, maybe you should find a different country. Me, I like it that people can enjoy fireworks, BBQ’s, (and those get real smokey too)and a few other fun things. I hear that certain boat engines pollute heavily as well. I suppose we should ban sport fishing?

  3. gary hoyt Says:

    Lets stay with the subject of our clean air, safety and leave comparable comments like fun and sport fishing for another comment page.

  4. I got this response from Councilmember McDermott when I asked him about possibly sponsoring legislation to make fireworks illegal in unincorporated King County. If you feel the same, please send him an email:

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your email to Michelle regarding 4th of July fireworks in your neighborhood.

    I agree that fireworks can be both a hazard and a nuisance this time of year. I think your suggestion of legislation to restrict or ban fireworks in King County is worth considering. I’ll be looking into this issue and the possibility of introducing such legislation. I appreciate your understanding that this would be effective next year at the earliest.

    Thanks for your concern for our community and thank you again for taking the time to contact me. As always, it is a pleasure to hear from my constituents.

    Please keep in touch,


    Joe McDermott
    King County Councilmember, District 8

  5. I just sent an email to Councilmember McDermott in support of