Councilmember McDermott’s letter opposing library consolidation

The future of the King County Library System branches in White Center and Boulevard Park has been discussed repeatedly during the debate over annexation. Suddenly, there is the possibility that the county may consolidate the two, and we have just received this letter from King County Councilmember Joe McDermott expressing opposition:

To Board of Trustees, King County Library System:

I am dismayed that the King County Library System Board of Trustees would consider consolidation of the Boulevard Park and White Center Libraries at this time.

To the best of my knowledge, a formal proposal to have staff pursue plans for consolidation first became public on May 12. To think that the KCLS Board might take action on May 24, a mere 12 days later, at a meeting scheduled to be held far from North Highline – in North Bend – is extremely dismissive of my constituents. Further, it fails to recognize their hard work in advocating for their community’s needs.

While the timing issue itself is enough to delay the vote, there is also the issue of boundaries and service. For years KCLS has failed to replace and renovate these facilities despite their specific inclusion in the 2004 bond measure, citing uncertainty over annexation and proximity to what may become part of Seattle. With Seattle showing no initiative at this time and Burien having the potential to advance a vote as early as next spring, to take action based on potential annexation by Seattle is shortsighted at best.

I urge the King County Library System Board of Trustees to postpone any action that advances consolidation of the White Center and Boulevard Park Libraries. Further, I renew my call for KCLS to deliver on their 2004 promise to voters and take up replacement and expansion of the White Center Library.


Joe McDermott
King County Councilmember, District 8

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6 Responses to “Councilmember McDermott’s letter opposing library consolidation”

  1. Ivan Weiss Says:

    Quick action like this, and the follow-up that, from experience, we know will come, is why Joe will cruise to re-election. Joe stands up for the communities he represents, and he doesn’t wet his finger and stick it in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.

  2. Gill Loring Says:

    Nicely said Mr. McDermott! My sentiments exactly. And, thanks WCN for getting this to the residents so quickly. Now more of us living in North Highline need to express our position to the King County Library System Board of Trustees.

  3. That’s great info – I’m going to send a follow-up of my own to KCLS. It’s important to have libraries easily accessible – so many people/kids with limited transportation options need and use them, and to consolidate means that many people would lose their ability to access this vital community resource.

  4. SoutParkRudy Says:

    It’s too bad McDermott doesn’t have those quick reflexes about things that matter such as the South Park Bridge funding which was completely ignored by Joe McDermott while in Olympia, until the bridge was shut down.

    Doesn’t put his finger in the wind? Or course not, I thought he just takes marching orders from Constantine?

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  6. Ivan Weiss Says:

    Whatever you do, South Park Rudy, don’t let the facts get in your way. Both Dow Constantine and Joe McDermott fought hard and campaigned long hours to pass the 2007 RTID ballot measure that would have provided all the money needed to rebuild the South Park Bridge.

    If you’re looking for someone to blame because the measure failed at the polls, blame those who didn’t vote for it, or those who actively opposed it, like Mike McGinn.