Zippy’s Giant Burgers ‘doing everything in our power to get open’

When popular Zippy’s Giant Burgers closed in Highland Park almost a full month ago, they expected to need about a week and a half to finish getting their White Center location ready to open. Instead, Blaine and Rahel Cook have encountered a number of speed bumps and roadblocks – and if you went to the WC location at 9614 14th SW, you would have seen the sign shown in our photograph. This morning, Blaine had told WCN contributor Deanie Schwarz about passing most inspections but still having a couple hurdles to clear (including one that is dependent on their landlord) – this afternoon, we were passing by and spotted this sign on the door, which says it all. We’ll let you know just as soon as they finally get the go-ahead to open!

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4 Responses to “Zippy’s Giant Burgers ‘doing everything in our power to get open’”

  1. Thanks for the update , I will keep in touch , cant wait :)

  2. Maybe if you opened as a pot house you would be up and running along time ago. The local pot house is selling food and drink and they also have a great smoking lounge all with out and proper permits. Also it seems to be a great club house for the local gangs. Even the fire marshall has turned a blind I to this place.

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  4. The complex fire alarm thing is worrisome and sounds the most difficult. I hope everything comes together for them soon – I NEED my Zippy’s fix!!