White Center Cambodian New Year celebration today; Roller Derby at Southgate tonight

8:39 AM: Big party in downtown White Center today – Cambodian New Year, with SW 98th closed off east of 16th SW for the occasion, events are scheduled to start at 10:30 am.

11:07 AM UPDATE: From Deanie Schwarz at the celebration – we added her video of the benediction above; here’s the schedule for the next few hours:

11:30 Rappers SJ and Princy
11:50 Dance Troupes: Coconut Dance and Rice Dance
12:00 Traditional Games and Banana Eating Contest
12:30 Healthy Cooking Demos
1:00 Dance Troupe: Scarf and Karp Dance

Then tonight, it’s Roller Derby at Southgate Roller Rink! Details here.

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