Be there! White Center Community Safety Coalition tonight

With a home-invasion robbery in Highland Park, and new developments reported in the Evo situation, there’s bound to be lots to discuss at tonight’s White Center-South Delridge Community Safety Coalition meeting, 6-8 pm at the DSHS building, 9650 15th Ave SW (map), lobby on the second floor. King County Sheriff’s Office and Seattle Police Department reps are usually both on hand, as well as the Liquor Control Board, so there are many authorities with whom you can take up concerns directly.


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One Response to “Be there! White Center Community Safety Coalition tonight”

  1. Unfortunately, I’m not able to make this meeting but I do have a couple of community concerns that you are more than welcome to bring up on my behalf.

    I’d like to know what the plans are, if any, for restoring the recently vandalized park at the 12th Ave/98th St. Pedestrian Corridor. Since the lights have not been on in weeks, this area near the White Center pond is again being flooded with drunken hooligans and loud fights over who gets the last of the crack. Oh, How I wish I were joking…

    Thank you TR & WCN!