Followup: Deputies look for White Center shooting witnesses

New information today on the 15th/Roxbury deadly shooting first reported here early yesterday – the King County Sheriff’s Office has sent this news release:

A shooting early Saturday morning (May 22nd) left a man dead in a White Center street. The incident occurred about 2:30 AM.

The victim was found in the eastbound lanes of the 1500 block of SW Roxbury Street. He was dead when police arrived after receiving a 9-1-1 call of a shooting. He was shot at least once, and in his early 20’s.

According to a witness who was driving by and heard several gunshots, the man stumbled out of an alley and collapsed in the street. There were numerous people in the alley, but most were gone when Sheriff’s deputies arrived, just minutes later.

No one has come forward who actually witnessed the shooting.

If anyone has information on the case they are asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311 (24 hours) or 9-1-1.


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5 Responses to “Followup: Deputies look for White Center shooting witnesses”

  1. May 22nd? Are our King County Sherrifs predicting the future? :)

  2. Sad, that person love ones, I feel sad for them

  3. i was there at da time when da shooting occured… already talked to da detectives….. witness da shooting…. a heavy set mexican guy wearing a hoodie…. thats all i can desrcibe…in a four door honda accord

  4. The guy shot was arested aweek and ahalf ago in westseattle for causeing trouble. One less trouble maker.

  5. Taneajanine Says:

    Have they release the name of the victim yet?